A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A tribute to retro horror platformers.

Demo available now!


WASD: Movement and attack aim
L - Attack
F - Dash (2 second recharge)
Space - Jump
Escape - Pause Menu

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro


Carpathian Night Demo.zip 40 MB
Carpathian Night - Mac Demo Build.zip 44 MB
Carpathian Night Halloween 2019 Demo.zip 47 MB

Development log


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The game is fantastic .

Hey Everyone! Did a great interview with game developer Cesar for Carpathian Night! You can check out the interview at the link below! Thank you again Cesar for taking the time to talk with us!

Direct Link: https://wearepodcasts.podbean.com/e/we-are-bagu-s01e13-carpathian-night-with-ces...

should I play the Demo or the Halloween Demo


Both! They contain different levels and bosses from each other.


Just played your demo. I think you're in the right way here. I like your character, specially the weapon, I think it's very unique and different. The pixel is great, but I agree that it could use a little rework, maybe improve the animations and the color palette a little bit.
I would suggest leaving the arrow keys as directional input as well, or at least make them also work on the menu screen. Same for the Attack key. Make that work on the menu title, but also make ENTER key or Ctrl or Spacebar work to enter the menu. I didn't read the keys at the start and it took me sometime to figure that I had to hit the L key. Then add an option to check keys during your game when you press ESC for the menu. Good job and good luck.


Thanks for the feedback! 

The next update will be much bigger and will definitely have full controller support and customizeable buttons and key configuration. We will have an Early Access build later this year with several levels and many new features. Thank you for playing and stay tuned, because we have a lot more coming!

Man that was a fun ride. I really liked both art and the only two soundtracks i've listened. Can't wait to play all those stuff in the screenshots.

Noticed two things :
°The character suddently stopped moving while the walking animation still displaying.
°Surprised to see controller support, however it didn't appear to had assignated the button attack on it.
°Sometimes dash will make me take damange? it just happened twice, there was no damange animation but my hp bar lowered (or was it a mechanic?) .  

Other than thad, man, that background was sweet. Once again, can't wait to have the whole experience!

Thank you for reporting those bugs, you are helping us improve the game. I will fix them and upload an updated build later. Thanks for the other feedback as well! We will continue to try to make this the best game it can be. 

Nice character design. Good moving set. Excellent choice of music. Perfect romantic aesthetic.

Characters need further development: more natural and fluid movement. Maybe more FPS. Main character mostly.

Music needs a richer sampling. Maybe not as natural as the original buy definitely needs rework.

Aesthetics are ideal but still are a bit plain.

The bottom line is that, while the proposal is very good, the product looks more like a clone and less as a tribute.

I believe that this must be a work according to the time and should not stick to the old values. Needs no nostalgia but refreshment.

PS. Pixel Art is perfect and should not be abandoned; there’s where the appeal resides and the nostalgic value; but more layers need to be added and a richer color palette.

Take a look at this for inspiration: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dead-ahead-zombie-warfare/id1017311881?l=es

Thank you for the feedback, we will continue to make improvements. 


This is a very, VERY good tribute. 

For real! I mean, all of the Castlevania tropes and atmosphere are right there, even with some game mechanic references from different Castlevania games. It's fun to play, and functional as well. Loved your demo, and I hope to see this tribute go even further!

(Also, needs more flying skeleton heads, like, a whole room full of them)

Thanks for the feedback. This tribute will definitely go further- all the way into Dracula’s throne room! There may be more flying skulls along the way.


This. I like. A huge throwback to Castlevania if there's ever one.

Great video. I noticed a bug we need to fix. When you fell to your death, you respawned all the way back at the beginning instead of the entrance to that room. Sorry about that, we will fix it.

We are also trying to balance the volume between songs better.

Finally, the next version of the demo will definitely have exploration and rpg elements! It won’t be a full blown Metroid Vania, but it will take some inspiration from that genre while keeping it mostly classic style.


Played on my show, Indie Game Roundup ( starts at 22:01 if embed isn't working). Very promising so far!

Wow, cool roundup. I'm going to watch you play some of the other games in that video. Nice work!


This game was genuinely fun. I loved the old fashioned style from the 80's. It reminds me of the times when people sat in front of their box TVs with rabbit ears and their  Nintendo Entertainment system.  The old graphics and the runner's music are perfectly implemented. The monsters for the demo are well colored for a sequential game. Although it is not terribly hard, this game will troll you in your over confidence. This was a lot of fun. Seeing this from the scene nowadays is very uncommon, and very admirable. Not many people may be into this style, but I am one of those who are. I love this game, download for some stabby good fun. I look forward to the full release of this awesome emulation of video game period when things were slower and predictable. I hope development goes well!

Awesome video! Thanks for the feedback and commentary, it helps us determine how to improve the game. Glad you had a good time with it.